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Beastly Cavern

Collect the Treasure

Beastly Cavern
Time Limit 12:00
Treasures 31
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx3500
World Record 14750
Co-Op World Record 12410
Red Pikmin 10
Blue Pikmin 10
Purple Pikmin 5
White Pikmin 5
Beastly Cavern

Battle Enemies

Time Limit 6:00
Enemies 44
Points (w/o time bonus) 450
World Record 2780
Co-Op World Record 2360
Blue Pikmin 7
Rock Pikmin 13
Wing Pikmin 10

Beastly Caverns is the third map in the 3rd round of Downloadable Content for Pikmin 3. It features a side view, and a narrow tunnel, divided into 4 sections, that surrounds a grassy area that sunlight reaches. It also has a feel similar to the caves found in Pikmin 2. Louie is found in both Battle Enemies and Collect Treasure, and upon rescuing, he becomes a playable character. In Collect Treasure mode, the player must earn 3,500 Pokos for completion, and there are a total of 450 points that are earned from creatures in Battle Enemies.

Collect Treasure

Pikmin (30)

Flora (15)

Enemies (29)

Treasure (42)

Obstacles (7)

  • Dirt Wall (x2)
  • Reinforced Wall (x2)
  • Dirt Tunnel (x1)
  • Geyser (x1)
  • Elevator Platform (x1; 2 platforms)

Battle Enemies

Pikmin (20)

Flora (7)

Enemies (44)

Obstacles (9)

  • Dirt Wall (x2)
  • Crystal Wall (x1)
  • Bamboo Gate (x2)
  • Small Crystal (x1)
  • Geyser (x1; Enclosed by Small Crystal)
  • Arachnode Web (x2)



  • Beastly Caverns and Twilight Hollow Remix are the only stages in Collect Treasure that have at least one Onion.
  • Beastly Caverns is the only Mission Mode area that has more than one section.

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