Battle Field
is the first and most basic level in 2-Player Battle in Pikmin 2. It has three different enemies, Dwarf Red Bulborbs, Sheargrubs and the Shearwigs that hide under marbles, and all generated layouts are very simple. These layouts include three circular rooms connected by a long corridor, one large room with little alcoves that usually hold yellow marbles, and a donut-shaped cave.
Battle Field

The circular model of Battle Field.

Because of the simplicity of the level layouts and how easy it is to travel across and find yellow marbles, it is quite likely for a player to finish the course in about two minutes if playing for yellow marbles. Note that for the second mentioned layout, prefer the yellow marbles that are not clustered in alcoves, because it is more than likely that at least two of them have Shearwigs nesting underneath, making collecting them slower, and possibly dangerous with only a small number of Pikmin.



  • Eating
  • Enemy Pikmin

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