Astringent Clump
Astringent clump
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.00
Quantity 2
Weight 10
Max Carriers 20
Location Garden of Hope
Distant Tundra

Astringent Clump (オオダマニガミバシリ, Bitter Big Ball) is a fruit found in Pikmin 3. It will give you a total of 2 bottles of Juice. It resembles a grapefruit. There are 2 of them in the game, one in the Garden of Hope and the other in one of the caves in the Distant Tundra.


Brittany's European Notes

"A little sweet, a little sour, but mostly just bitter. Alph can't cope with the bitterness and asked me to sweeten it somehow, but I have to say it's growing on me. Maybe it's one of those refined tastes he'll learn to like when he gets a bit older?"

Brittany's American Notes

"A little sweet, a little sour, but mostly BITTER. Alph can't cope with the bitterness and wants me to sweeten it somehow, but I have to say it's growing on me. Maybe he'll mature into it?"

How to Obtain

Garden of Hope

Astringent Clump

An Astringent Clump in the Garden of Hope.

To find the first Astringent Clump, you must go to the area within the Garden of Hope where you first found a Zest Bomb. Tear down the Electric Gate blocking the way. There is a puzzle which includes the Elevator Platforms to get to the Zest Bomb. There is also a Secret Memo atop one of the elevators past the gate. The Astringent Clump takes 10 Pikmin to carry, and has a maximum carry weight of 20 Pikmin. Although the player is intended to use this puzzle, it can be completely bypassed by targeting the fruit from the ground and swarming it with Winged Pikmin.       

Distant Tundra

Clump 2

An Astringent Clump in the Distant Tundra's caverns.

The other is found in the Distant Tundra, inside of the cave that leads to the outside where Charlie first crash landed. To get to it, you need to open up a Bamboo Gate using Winged Pikmin. Red, Winged, and Rock Pikmin are recommended for this area, as there are multiple fire hazards, including Fiery Blowhogs and Fire Geysers. There is also a Spotty Bulbear patrolling the room past the Bamboo Gate, with some Dwarf Bulbears following close behind it. At the end of the room is a Crystal Wall, which can be smashed using Rock Pikmin.  Next to it, on a ledge, is the Astringent Clump, which is slightly buried. Behind the Crystal Wall will be some Bomb Rocks, which can be used to take out enemies in the room and instantly dig out the Astringent Clump. Kill the Spotty Bulbear and take the fruit back to the Drake.