Arboreal Frippery
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 19
Series Xenoflora Series
Value PokoIconx10
Weight 1
Max Carriers 1
Location Shower Room

The Arboreal Frippery (イチコロダオレ) is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. In the PAL version, the Arboreal Frippery is actually a red leaf from a Japanese maple tree. In the NTSC version of the game, it bears resemblance to a leaf from a Marijuana plant. However, one can easily argue that it could be a green leaf from a Japanese maple tree. It is suggested that it is a Marijuana leaf in the Japanese version, but Nintendo of America removed this in the American version- most likely to avoid any problems. 

It is found in the fourth sublevel of the Shower Room, which is a large, calm area that houses only harmless Unmarked Spectralids and two Queen Candypop Buds. The water on the floor here is too shallow to drown Pikmin, so it can be traversed with any type of Pikmin. The treasure is in a pipe, so the Treasure Gauge can be used to find the correct pipe. Since it weighs only one unit, throwing in one Pikmin easily transports the treasure back to the Ship's Pod in a quick, tidy manner. It is tied with the Leviathan Feather, the King of Bugs and the Compelling Cookie for the least valuable treasure.


Olimar's Journal

"The ship seems to think this leaf would be a smash hit among naturalist interior designers. I just think it looks and feels like a soft blanket. In the interest of scientific discovery, I'd better give it a test run..."

Sales Pitch

"Perfect for those who love natural designs in their home, this leaf applique is a bargain! Use it in pieces, or cover an entire wall in leafiness!"


  • In the Japanese version, Olimar's journal entry and the sales pitch describe this treasure as the "ultimate drug", and Olimar even states that he might even want to use it some day. The Ship warns users not to overdose, as it may cause death. 
  • Its name in the Japanese version is Ichikorodaore, which means "One-hit kill." [citation needed] 

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