Alien Billboard
Thumb alienbillboard
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 175 (NTSC)

176 (PAL)

Series Ancient Ad Series
Value PokoIconx80
Weight 15
Max Carriers 25
Location White Flower Garden (NTSC)/Dream Den (PAL)

The Alien Billboard is a Kiwi brand shoe polish lid. It is found on the first sublevel of the White Flower Garden.

On it, it reads:


SINCE 1906


"Shines, Nourishes, & Protects"


NET WT. 1 1/8 OZ. (31 g)

Cordovan is also labeled across the outer edge of the lid.


Olimar's Journal

"There are several different patterns drawn on this object's surface. They appear to be characters or letters, but I can't make any sense of them. This is just an educated guess, but I wonder if this object is a kind of alien bulletin board? The size of the object seems about right for it."

Sales Pitch

"Perhaps this is some ancient billboard...but perhaps not. Its authenticity may be in question, but if you can use it for inspiration, you may become a topflight ad executive."

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