Air Brake
Thumb airbrake
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 139 (NTSC)

137 (PAL)

Series Dream Series
Value PokoIconx100
Weight 15
Max Carriers 25
Location Awakening Wood

The Air Brake is a Badminton shuttlecock found on a ledge in the Awakening Wood. To get it requires the solution of a simple see-saw problem. It is found near the Snagret Hole, and, to protect the Pikmin, it is necessary to kill a few enemies and break down a bridge.

To collect the treasure, put 15 Pikmin and one captain on the scale nearest it, and 16 Pikmin on the other scale. Throw Blue Pikmin at the ledge to get the treasure and defeat the Burrowing Snagret and Creeping Chrysanthemum if the treasure takes a path too near to them. Next, defeat the Red Bulborb and the Dwarves over the ledge.

This part can also be obtained without using the scales by throwing Yellow Pikmin with a running start from the ground between the two bridges. Purple Pikmin can be thrown to it from there too, also requiring a running throw, though this is more difficult.


Olimar's Journal

"The weather was beautiful today. In this region, the weather is always good. The plants and animals thrive on all that sunlight. I want to hurry up and finish cataloguing all of these treasures so I can get back to the sunshine."

Sales Pitch

"No height is too great to fall from if you possess this. It may be frightening, but get over it."

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