Abduction Den

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Abduction Den
Abduction Den
Sublevels 1 Yellow Pikmin 30
Red Pikmin 30 Blue Pikmin 0
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-bitter Sprays 1
White Pikmin 0 Ultra-spicy Sprays 2
Bulbmin 0

The Abduction Den is the twenty-fourth level in Challenge mode in Pikmin 2. There is only one sublevel, but there are many enemies. These enemies include: Bumbling Snitchbugs, Careening Dirigibugs, Fiery Dweevils, a Swooping Snitchbug, and a Greater Spotted Jellyfloat.

As said, there are quite a few enemies that take Pikmin and Captains in the air (abduction). It would be wise to lure the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat away from the rest to get the key it holds. If one is here for the pink flowers, then nothing else should be done. If a high score is wanted, taking out the Careening Dirigibugs with an Ultra-Bitter Spray is advisable.

Another way to beat this

Take both Captains with no Pikmin, and go over to the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat. Let it suck up ONLY ONE of the Captains, and let the other one freeze the Jellyfloat when it sucks up the Captain. Then as the Captain that is inside the Jellyfloat, rapidly press the same buttons you would as if you were taken by a Snitchbug. The Jellyfloat will break, you will escape, and the key is yours. take the key and escape as quickly as you can.

Pikmin den
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