A 6-day run is where a player completes the main game of Pikmin in 6 days. This means all 30 ship parts must be collected in 6 days. It is recommended that the 6-day run is combined with the zero-death run to avoid unnecessary time lost to grow any Pikmin.

Pikmin 1 Route Edit

Day 1: Impact Site

Day 2: Forest of Hope

Day 3: Forest Navel

Day 4: Impact Site

Day 5: Distant Spring

Day 6: Final Trial

Originally, the 9-day run was thought of as the minimum amount of time that the player could complete the main game of Pikmin in. The Forest of Hope, the Forest Navel, and the Distant Spring were all completed in 2 days each in the 9 day run. With the passing of time, however, one day runs were discovered to be possible for each of these three areas. Firstly, a one day run of the Distant Spring was discovered, opening up the possibility of an 8-day run. Then, a one day run of the Forest Navel was discovered, allowing for a 7-day run. And finally, a one day run of the Forest of Hope was discovered, making the 6 day run possible. (Originally, there had been a way to complete the Forest of Hope in one day before this discovery, but the player had to raise more reds at the Impact Site first). These one day runs can be performed consecutively if done correctly.

6 days is the lowest amount of time that the main game of Pikmin can ever be completed in. Two days must be spent at the Impact Site, and at least one day has to be spent in each other area. This has happened with the discovery of the 6 day run; therefore, Pikmin has been cleared with all 30 ship parts in the lowest amount of time ever feasible.

A 5 day Any% run of Pikmin could theoretically be possible, considering the Final Trial's only ship part is not required. However, the player would have to wait until day thirty to actually achieve the ending, meaning that the 6 day run is still the shortest possible Any% run.

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