A 50-Pikmin run is a playthrough of Pikmin with only 50 Pikmin, the minimum possible number. Like the 6-day run or the zero-death run, it is recommended that you have completed the game at least once before attempting due to its challenging nature.

Reasoning behind the number

The Gluon Drive requires a mimimum of 50 Pikmin to carry. This means that the entire main game is entirely beatable with only 50 Pikmin ever raised (However, the original Japanese release of the game requires 85 Pikmin to carry the Secret Safe, though this article applies to the North American and European releases.) The minimum amount of time this has ever been completed is in 9 days.

9-day Walkthrough

Day 1

Impact Site

  • Discover Red Pikmin, raise 25 of them (allow them to flower up)
  • Collect Main Engine
  • PIKMIN COUNT: 25 reds, 0 yellows, 0 blues

Day 2

Forest of Hope

Day 3

Forest Navel

Day 4

Forest of Hope

Day 5

Distant Spring

Day 6

Impact Site

Day 7

Distant Spring

Day 8

Forest Navel

  • With the 40 blue Pikmin, bring the Anti Dioxin Filter out of water
  • Using the Golden Candypop Bud, transform 6 blues and 4 yellows into 10 yellows (enough for Libra)
  • With the blues, bring the Analog Computer out of water and break the geyser near the Libra
  • Using the Crimson Candypop Bud, transform 14 yellows and 33 blues into 47 reds
  • Collect Analog Computer
  • Collect Libra
  • Collect Omega Stabilizer
  • Collect Guard Satellite
  • Collect Anti Dioxin Filter
  • PIKMIN COUNT: 48 reds, 1 yellow, 1 blue

Day 9

Final Trial

  • Using the Golden Candypop Bud, transform 2 reds to 2 yellows (for faster bomb rock collection)
  • Finish bridges, walls, and box, and defeat the Emperor Bulblax
  • Collect the Secret Safe
  • PIKMIN COUNT: 46 reds, 3 yellows, 1 blue

(A walkthrough for a 20-day, 50-Pikmin run has also been written)

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