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The 50-Pikmin challenge can be completed in any manner of time. Although the minimum for it is 9 days, there are other ways to do it, like completing it in 20 days or so as shown below.


Day 1

Impact Site

  • Grow 25 red pikmin (allow them to flower up)
  • Collect Main Engine

Day 2

Forest of Hope

  • Grow 14 red pikmin (for a total of 39)
  • Kill the 2 dwarf bulborbs near the ship
  • Collect Shock Absorber
  • Grow 10 yellow pikmin
  • Collect Eternal Fuel Dynamo (with 39 reds and 1 yellow)
  • Destroy stone wall next to yellow onion
  • Destroy stone wall next to ship

Day 3

Forest of Hope

Day 4

Forest Navel

  • Collect Automatic Gear (with 14 reds and 1 yellow)
  • Destroy 2 ramps leading to fiery blowhogs (use the reds only)
  • Destroy the ramp leading to the Gravity Jumper(use yellows)
  • Get the Pikmin that collected the Automatic Gear and use them to help destroy the 2 ramps (not the yellow)
  • Collect Gravity Jumper using all of the reds (Destroy the rest of the nearby ramp if necessary)
  • Have the yellows grab 9 bombs
  • Destroy Black stone wall nearest to the Beady long legs

Day 5

Forest Navel

  • Have yellows grab 6 bombs
  • Destroy stone gate next to ship
  • Destroy White gate next to ship until nearby pellet posies grow
  • Kill a pellet posy to lure in the breadbug
  • Kill breadbug by throwing pikmin on top of it
  • Collect Space Float
  • Begin to destroy Gate blocking Analog Computer (using reds)
  • If time permits, Begin building bridge leading to Libra

Day 6

Forest Navel

  • Kill Puffstool (using reds)
  • Collect Omega Stabilizer (distract sheargrubs/wigs and wollywog)
  • Activate Blue onion and pick blue pikmin
  • Flower blue pikmin
  • Finish destroying Gate blocking Analog Computer or Bridge leading to Libra (using reds)

Day 7

Forest Navel

  • pull out all reds and yellows
  • Dismiss group near destroyed black stone gate near Beady Long Legs
  • Convert 10 reds into yellows using candypop
  • Have yellows grab 10 bombs
  • Destroy stone wall leading to Beady long legs
  • Destroy Black gate nearest to Beady long legs
  • Pick 10 yellows and dismiss yellows near Beady long legs
  • lure Beady long legs out
  • Kill Beady long legs
  • Collect Guard Satellite using reds (distract sheargrubs)
  • pull out blue pikmin
  • regroup with red pikmin
  • take all pikmin to the Libra
  • Collect Libra
  • Convert 10 yellows into reds using Candypop

Day 8

Distant Spring

  • Kill shearwigs near the Massage Machine by luring them into the water and punching them
  • Begin to Destroy Bridge to Massage Machine
  • Kill all 3 land based puffy blowhogs
  • Kill Armored Canon Beetle
  • Kill all Swooping Snitchbugs
  • Have yellows grab 10 bombs from skull nearest to the Ionium Jet #2
  • Destroy Black stone wall next to ship
  • Have yellows grab as many bombs as possible from the skull nearest to the Gluon Drive (don't wake the bulbear)
  • Destroy as much of the stone wall nearesst to the Gluon Drive as possible

Day 9

Distant Spring NOTE: For time purposes the parts do not need to be completely collected;the parts can be brought close enough to the ship (within the distance from the black stone wall to the ship) for easy collection later when time is available.

  • Continue destroying Bridge to Massage Machine with blue pikmin
  • Kill all the Bulbears except the one near the Massage Machine using reds
  • Destroy Gate and Ramp near the Armored Canon Beetle arena using reds
  • Collect UV Lamp
  • Finish Destroying Stone wall near the Gluon Drive
  • Collect Bowsprit (distract shearwigs)
  • Collect Pilot's Seat (distract shearwigs)

Day 10

Distant Spring

Day 11

Distant Spring

  • Pull out all the reds and yellows and begin destroying the land based side of the bridge nearest to the Gluon Drive
  • Collect Ionium Jet #2 with 15 blues (distract water dumples)
  • Convert 20 blues into yellows in the Candypop and pick them
  • toss the 20 yellows up to the Chronos Reactor to get it down
  • Convert 20 yellows into blues in the Candypop and pick them
  • Collect Chronos Reactor

Day 12

Distant Spring

Day 13

Forest of Hope

  • Pull out all the blues
  • Begin destroying the water gate near the Radiation Canopy using 11 blues
  • Kill the 2 dwarf bulborbs nearest to the ship
  • Kill the sheargrubs near the bridge (lure the males into the water)
  • Destroy the land based bridge using all of the blues
  • Begin destroying the bridge to the Sagittarius using 20 blues
  • Push the box blocking the route to the Snagrets using the 10 blues that are doing no task
  • Help destroy the Bridge blocking the Sagittarius using the 10 box-pushing blues
  • If the water gate near the Radiation Canopy is destroyed before the Bridge,then begin to destroy the black gate blocking the Radiation Canopy
  • Collect Sagittarius
  • Pull out all the pikmin
  • Kill the bulborb near the Radiation Canopy
  • Destroy the Black gate Blocking the Radiation Canopy
  • Get the Armored Cannon Beetle to open its wings and then quickly start to collect the Radiation Canopy
  • Distract the Armored Cannon Beetle until the Radiation Canopy is out of its range
  • Continue Collecting the Radiation Canopy

Day 14

Forest of Hope

Day 15

Impact Site

  • Pull out all the yellows and blues
  • Have the yellows grab 4 bombs
  • Destroy the Stone wall
  • Use the Remaining Bomb on the gate and Begin Destroying the gate (with 4 yellows and 21 blues)
  • Kill the Pearly Clamclamp with the Positron Generator using the 20 taskless blues
  • Collect Positron Generator
  • Flower up any unflowered pikmin

Day 16

Forest Navel

  • Kill the fiery blowhog nearest to the undestroyed black stone wall with 5 reds
  • Collect Ionium Jet #1 using 15 blues
  • Begin Killing the fiery blowhog 2nd nearest the ramps with the 5 reds
  • Lure the wollywogs away from the Anti-Dioxin Filter
  • Collect Anti-Dioxin Filter

Day 17

Forest Navel

  • Pull out 30 blues and 5 reds
  • Using the blues, get the Analog Computer out of the water
  • Flip the Flint Beetle over to get some nectar
  • Convert 30 blues into reds and pick
  • Flower up using Flint Beetle nectar
  • Collect Analog Computer

Day 18

Distant Spring

  • Collect any parts not collected

Day 19

The Final Trial

  • Destroy all of the obstacle blocking the route to Emperor Bulblax
  • Convert 10 blues into reds
  • Wait until they flower then pick the reds

Day 20

The Final Trial

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