A ravenous space bunny was mentioned during Pikmin 2, and is apparently the cause of an incident involving a shipment of Golden PikPik Carrots, which lead Hocotate Freight into a massive debt of over PokoIconx10,100 (plus the unknown price of olimar's ship).

Involvement in Pikmin 2

This "ravenous space bunny" was said to have devoured more than PokoIconx10,100 worth of golden Pikpik Carrots, of which Louie was in charge of. When this supposedly happened, Louie immediately went to tell The President about this incident, which soon forced them into an unbelievably large debt.

What really happened

The space bunny was in fact nothing but a lie, and never existed. Louie only said it existed in his report to cover himself up. As detailed in the cinematic Louie's Dark Secret, Louie could no longer suppress his appetite, and resolved to eat every single pikpik carrot on board. Knowing he would get fired, he lied to The President about what happened which, as mentioned, caused an enormous debt. 

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